Block chain will change agriculture

Internet of things

The combination of the Internet of Things and the agricultural block chain will enable these devices to self-manage and maintain, which will save the high maintenance costs centered on cloud control, reduce the maintenance costs of Internet devices in the later period, and help to enhance the intelligent and large-scale level of the agricultural Internet of Things.

Big data

With the establishment of agricultural large-scale data acquisition system in the future, how to solve the problem of data authenticity and validity in a large-scale way will be a difficult problem faced by the whole society.

Anti-counterfeiting and traceability

The agricultural product traceability system based on agricultural block chain technology can not be changed once all the data are recorded in the agricultural block chain book. Advanced technology based on asymmetric encryption and mathematical algorithms fundamentally eliminates human factors and makes information more transparent.

Rural finance

When the new agricultural operators apply for loans, they need to provide corresponding credit information, which needs to rely on the corresponding information and data recorded by banks, insurance or credit institutions. However, there are some problems such as incomplete information, inaccurate data, high cost of use, and the use of agricultural block chain is to rely on program algorithm to automatically record. Massive information is recorded and stored on each computer of the agricultural block chain network, which is transparent, difficult to tamper with and low cost. Therefore, when applying for loans, it is no longer dependent on intermediaries such as banks.

Agricultural insurance

Because intelligent contract is one of the important concepts of the agricultural block chain, the use of intelligent contract concept in the field of agricultural insurance will make the compensation of agricultural insurance more intelligent. In the past, if big agricultural natural disasters occur, the corresponding claim cycle will be longer. Harm will automatically start the compensation process, so that the efficiency of compensation is even higher.

Supply chain

block chain technology helps to improve the efficiency of supply chain management. Because the data is transparent among all parties, a complete and smooth flow of information can be formed in the whole supply chain. This can ensure that all parties involved in the supply chain system in a timely manner to identify problems in the operation process, and find solutions to the problem. And then enhance the overall efficiency of supply chain management.

They say this.

The biggest feature of the agricultural block chain is the non tampering of the uploaded data. Through the logistics data uploaded by the merchants and the customs, the consumers can cross authenticate the information of their purchase of the goods, and want to make false data in the chain of memory blocks and make no difference between the difficulty and the Mars.

Jack Ma

Richard Liu once said in an interview: "In the early days of our business, we only need to know where the eggs are supplied. With block chain technology, we can not only know who the supplier is, but also which farm the eggs come from, and even which chicken laid the eggs.”

Richard Liu

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